Storage Tips

Forward Planning
Generate a timeline to organise…
  • Removal Company or trailer hireage on a date.
  • The Landlord if you are renting.
  • Contact and notify all the important people of when you are going and where you are going. Such as Doctor, Solicitor, Accountant, Friends, Postshop, Power Company, Water, Gas, etc.
  • A garage sale, or charity giveaway, or the tip!
  • Collect strong uniform boxes. I recommend banana boxes. They are excellent, with handles and stack well.
  • Pack seldom used items early. Permanent marker!
  • Label everything! On the front of the box, not the top! *Contents? Which room? Fragile?
  • Number the boxes and keep a register of items.
  • Estimate and record replacement value of items.
  • Photographs can help with accurate insurance.
  • Think about how you will load the removal vehicle and how the goods will then be placed in your storage unit.
IMG_4443 single container
Organise the Unit
It is worth putting thought into this.
  • Whatever you have, create an isle to ensure access.
  • Big and heavy at the back. Heavy boxes on the bottom.
  • Needed items near the front, with space to sort stuff.
  • Do not over load boxes with heavy items.
  • Top up with lighter or soft stuff.
  • Fill cavity or hollow items to maximize your storage.
  • Dismantle where practical. Package and label parts.
IMG_4391 Row of sheds
Sure Tips: Do's and Don'ts
  • Empty all water out of fridge and freezer and washer.
  • Tie tape doors closed but with a wedge to allow air in.
  • Wipe clean & dry appliances with bicarbonate of soda.
  • Use a deodoriser inside cabinets.
  • Use bubble wrap or non-printed paper to wrap fragiles.
  • Fill gaps to prevent items moving around.
  • Fill cartons to capacity to avoid bulge, tip and collapse.
  • Box and label everything you can. Loose items get lost.
  • Save and use all old sheets, blanket, towels, duvets.
  • Stand sofas and mattresses end on to save space.
  • Apply a coat of spray polish to all wood surfaces
  • Take extra care with electrical equipment.
  • Remove batteries from all appliances and toys.
  • Garden tools fit well into round barrels.
  • Talk to your insurance agent
  • Read the Terms & Conditions. Protect you and me!
  • Seal boxes with packing tape. Dust proof.
  • Store clothes in wardrobes/clothes boxes. Keep shape.
  • Pack books flat to avoid spine damage.
  • Store paintings, pictures, mirrors vertically.
  • Avoid protrusion of sharp items….. adjacent damage.
  • Consider using slats on the floor for long term storage.
  • Wrap mattresses, beds, lounges suites with cloth.
  • Use between stacked surfaces to minimise scratches
  • Stack chairs seat to seat.
  • Wipe all metal surfaces lightly with light machine oil.
  • Drain petrol and oil from all small engines.
  • Use bug powders, even though we ‘bug bomb’.
  • If you can, visit your unit about once a month.
  • Label everything clearly where you can read it!
  • Think creatively and you will make more space.
  • Bring anything even slightly damp into your unit.
  • Store vacuum cleaners with the bag of bugs in it!
  • Pack your boxes so they are too heavy to carry
  • Use printed newspaper as it can smudge stuff.
  • Don’t, ever, store anything Hazardous, Illegal, Illicit, Live, Stolen, Toxic, Flammable, Explosive, Perishable, Liquids or any other items that need a Controlled Environment.
  • Cover stuff with plastic as it can retain moisture.
  • Store food unless sealed in glass or metal containers
  • Retain in your unit any leaky or perishable item.
  • Store anything wobbly vertically. Lay it down.
  • Place anything heavy on top, risking damage.